The world is changing day by day, shifting from the should do’s to the want to do’s.  More and more people are breaking the high school to college to career track. There is a collective voice saying “we are going to live a life that makes us wake up and want to thrive.”  


There is also that voice that creeps in and says “BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START”


That’s where Let’s Get SMART about Our Business Mini Mastermind fits in.


After 17 years in the corporate world, I decided to break the cycle and venture out into the world of entrepreneurship.  Having helped countless national brands gain recognition and sales I realized that I no longer wanted to work with the “big guys”.  That did not make me happy - what I wanted was to see the mom and pop shops, the makers, and the dreamers thrive. But often when those businesses start they are created around a passion for something, and that something is rarely business.  


Lucky for you my passion is business!  I love setting and hitting quotas, I like charts and graphs, I love reviewing processes and systems and changing them to make life easier.  While I may not get you to love all of these things I can give you the confidence to create your own path outside of the corporate world. 


Session 1:

  • Together we will walk through the process of setting SMART goals in a way that makes it a reality and not a dream. 

  • Then break down that goal and turning it into steps creating a path of clear action.  


Session 2:

  • We will navigate three different systems of time management and create a method that works for you in order to create the time and space to work on and in your business. 

  • We will implement incremental upgrades to give more you more energy both in your personal and professional life. 


Session 3:

  • Lastly, we will reevaluate your goals to see how you are progressing and if there are any adjustments that need to be made in order to gain the most value from that goal. 


This mini mastermind is made for those who are ready to kickstart their big idea!


  • 3 sessions via Zoom 

  • 2 personal followup calls via zoom to work 1:1​


  • Mini Mastermind cost $499


There will be others in this mastermind who are going through the same steps, at the same time, creating an environment that is there to cheer you on, give you space to think through big decisions and give you real-time feedback.  As part of a mastermind, you are also expected to give your own thoughts and share your own experiences with the group.


If this sounds like what you need right now I would love for you to join us and take the step into a business that lets you live the life you create.